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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Eat chocolate daily . . .

Synopsis for Hybrid-The Egg Harvest: 

This is my first try at writing a synopsis. God, this was so hard to write. Deciding on a few high points to share with an agent was not an easy task. I'm sure I'll get better with more practice. 

After five years, without her mom, Pepper feels trapped with her dad’s alcoholism and self-pity. She decides she has no future with her dad and plans an elopement with her boyfriend, Jesse. 
As the story begins, Pepper hooks up with Jesse and they head out of town. An hour later, Jesse’s truck skids off an icy road and crashes down a ravine. He convinces Pepper for their safety they must spend the night inside a cave. Later in the night, Pepper discovers a panoramic carving on the cave wall. As an astronomy student, she realizes the carving is a galaxy. The question is: who carved it and why?
A lost necklace and a letter deter Pepper from her elopement to finding out what happened to her mom. Pepper tells Jesse and her best friend, Dee “something bad happened to my mom inside that cave, and somehow, I’m going to find the answer.” 
   An anonymous email instructs Pepper to be in readiness at the cave on the winter solstice. A stalker steps into Pepper’s life dressed in a purple robe and black silver boots, but vanishes into thin air whenever she gets too close. In the school library, she finds a book on the cave’s history. The author writes of strange people in purple robes entering the cave. 
Meanwhile, 440 light years from Earth, the planet Alfinia is gearing up for their egg harvest on Earth. Their queen has ordered a secret mission to bring her granddaughter back to Alfinia. The queen’s daughter has no clue of her mother’s plan. She has her own agenda with a young recruit. When the ship lands inside the cave, all hell breaks loose when a crew member is murdered. The Alfinianian’s ship becomes a battlefield of confusion, placing their egg harvest in jeopardy. 
The alien’s captures Pepper. Her mom finds her and they both escape from the ship. They almost make it out of the cave, when Pepper realizes her mom in no longer behind her. She’s determined to do whatever it takes to find her way to the entrance. Pepper struggles to keep calm, but as she runs for her freedom, she’s captured again. However, an acquaintance finds Pepper and helps her escape for the last time. 
Dee is drugged and placed inside a sleep-tube. Jesse confronts an alien girl. He gets the upper hand with his 357 Magnum and shoots her. Pepper helps release Dee. They move quietly down a narrow corridor to find their way out of the ship.
As the ship’s computer system boots up, the count down to lift off begins. With the clock ticking, Pepper, Jesse, and Dee find each other and flee the ship. Once down the mountain, Pepper reflects on the last seven days of her life. Though sad over her mom’s farewell, Pepper is full of hope for her baby, her dad, and she looks forward to seeing her mom in five years.

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