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Friday, September 6, 2013

"Why Tell Stories?"

Storytellers are the direct medium between the story and the audience, able to change pace, alter or explain a difficult point, dramatize or play down an event, according to the needs of those listening.

Why tell stories?

To help children learn to listen
To enlarge the listener's vocabulary
To extend a child's knowledge of the worlds of fact and fantasy
To stimulate the listener's imagination
To create an appetite for words
To introduce the shared activity of storytelling from author or teller to audience.

Storytelling has always been a means of passing on traditions and codes of behavior and of maintaining social harmony. Through his or her skill, the storyteller can convey the mysteries of the natural world, reinforce the codes of behavior of a particular community, or transport the listener into an inner world of fantasy. (Children's Books)

Sharing a story with a child gives great rewards for the heart.

Happy Storytelling,