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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Eat chocolate daily . . .

Question of the day. Are you growing as a writer?

This question can mean many things to many people. I've asked myself this question for several months. So here's the deal for me. I decided if I wanted to grow as a writer, I'd have to change and so would my daily grind. No doubt, there's not enough hours in the day. With families, deadlines, sports, clubs, church, meetings, etc. The shit list is endless and can drive one to say dirty words. OOPS. Did I just say a dirty word. Anyway, I made a commitment to change a few things to help me grow as a writer and stop cleaning the damn house so much. OOPS. Sorry. Another dirty.   

I need to connect with writers who are smarter than me
I need to connect with beta-readers who can cut my words to the bare bones
I need to connect with positive people who encourage my dream of writing
I need to scale back on TV shows that waste my precious writing time
I need to read books that challenge my brain and stimulate my creative juices
I need to to make appointments with myself to sit and daydream
I need to learn to say, "No" to others who aren't considerate of my time
I need to post this list above my laptop and read it daily 

Wish me luck, guys. How about you? What would you change to spend more time on your writing.

Happy Writing,
Sherry L. White