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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"My Story"

Some say writing is lonely. For me, I'm not lonely. My story is my friend and my enemy as I write. My story gives me comfort, relieves my stress and is my escape from the real world. My story let's me be creative, let's me invent mean or loving characters. My story keeps me so focused, I sometimes forget to grab lunch or go to the bathroom. My story gives me grief, too. It refuses to flow, it gets stuck in the mud and looks at me like well . . . . what are you going to do now, dear writer. Pull me out of the mud, delete me or sit there and stare at me. When I write, I don't have time to be lonely. I'm to involved with my character's issues and pulling his/ her ass out of the mud.

I must have silence when I write. I can't have : T.V., radio (Unless it's New Age) crying babies, barking dogs, husband over shoulder, cell phones, facebook, blogger, twitter, kids, grandchildren or God wanting my time. I say NO! TAKE A NUMBER AND GET IN LINE.

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