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Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Been Away"

September was health month for my hubby and I. We had Dr. appointments and hospital stays. Wasn't able to post a lot. It was hard to keep up with everyday chores and my work at the senior center. We're better now, and are looking forward to Oct. Our grandson will spend a few days with us on his fall break. Looking forward to his visit. Baked a fudge cake today, rearranged furniture and bathe both of our puppies. The cooler weather feels good. I was tired of the hot days of sweat and staying inside. The grass is burnt and I really don't care. I grew tired of watering and paying the higher water bill. Have to run. Time for supper. And . . . time to eat homemade fudge cake with peppermint icing. With chocolate, life if always good. TWYL

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