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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Writing Updates"

Good morning. I'm Purple Dog. Sherry has asked me to help her with a new project on her blog.

Our project is a YA novel. It's our first try at this genre. We usually write in the PB environment. We've read a ton of YA books (some good, others not so good). We've also researched the market and found that since Harry Potter and Twilight arrived, more young people are searching out new topics for their reading material. Our story is geared for the sixteen and up market.

We would like to invite you to visit our blog and meet our characters, Lauren and Jessie. As our story unfolds, Sherry and I will share 'excerpts' with you. Stop in. Read. Post.

First 'Excerpt" Chapter I "The Leaving"

Lauren unzipped her size two Lee Jeans, and let them drop to the bathroom floor. With spread legs she squatted over the toilet. On the sink, a white HPT box stared back at her like a present waiting to be opened. She took a deep breath and grabbed the white box, ripped it open and placed the tube between her legs. She was three weeks late. She couldn't pee. "Come on, come on." She turned the water on in the sink. It worked. A slow dribble of pee began to wet the tube. Lauren hung her head and stared at her purple toenails. I'm just stressed out, she thought. Done of this would be happening if her Dad hadn't lost his job. He said they would have to move for him to find work. Lauren's pee stopped. The HPT said to wait ten minutes. She wasn't about to leave her home. She was eighteen now, an adult. She could live wherever she wanted and with whoever she wanted. She and Jessie had their own plans. They were eloping, tonight. They had one chance to do this and tonight at twelve would be the night. She glanced down at her watch,
eleven-forty-five. Lauren grabbed the tube and walked back to her bed. She held the tube to the light. Positive. "Oh my, God."

So far, our ideas are there. But it's so hard gathering them up, sorting a logical order and placing them into a structured and interesting story.

Until next time,

Purple Dog & Sherry

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