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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Writing Updates" Purple Dog

Third 'Excerpt' Chapter III

Late in the night, a pale blue light flashed from the back of the cave. Lauren rubbed her eyes and turned over to face Jessie. She was about to doze off when the pale blue light flashed, again. This time it woke her from her sleep. What is that? She quietly uncoiled herself from Jessie and crawled towards the light. She looked around for Rula, but she was gone. The archway hung low, almost touching the cave floor. As she approached the light she heard a humming sound like a ceiling fan. She was almost there when suddenly her head hit a sharp rock, knocking her back. She struggled back up. The light had now shifted to the right and was fading. It shadowed some kind of inscription on the cave wall. She stooped to look closer, but still couldn’t make it out. She rubbed her glove back and forth, pushing the crusted small pebbles away. Slowly, something began to appear. She rubbed harder. Then, her breath caught in her throat. It was a polygon. A five star polygon, called a pentagram. She had studied them last year. The pentagram had been there for sometime, the five point star was barley visible. Below the pentagram were six circles. Carved inside the circles were letters. They were old and hard to read. Her eyes were an inch away, when she made out what the letters spelled. Lauren suddenly felt cold and weak.

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Purple Dog

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