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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Principles of Design"

"The Elements of Style" tells us that a good plan to your writing must be a deliberate prelude to writing. I agree.

This is good advice, especially for new writers trying to figure all this stuff out. First, I recommend read all you can in your genre. Second, find a writer who you most admire and copy them for practice. Look at how the author crafted his design of each sentence, paragraph and chapter. This will give you a platform to practice and a clearer defined structure to follow while you learn. After your practice sessions, you'll begin to design your own procedure of shape or (flesh and blood) to your frame of composition. Call it whatever you like, maps, outlines, or 5x7 cards. These are your 'little helpers' to build and shape your story. It will keep you focused and on track, as you design each sentence, each paragraph and each chapter. The clearer you (the writer) sees the shape and design of your writing, the better change of success.

Happy Writing,

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  1. All good ideas that I don't use-yet. I know I should, but once I start writing all my plans go out the window. Maybe a combination of planning and "going wild" is what will work for me. Thanks for the comments.