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Friday, February 25, 2011

"Reader Questions"

How does a reader unravel characters, action, plot, and theme in a good book? Or do you have to understand why you read a book? Maybe, but not necessarily true. I think a good book is for reading. I don't favor dissecting a book to death. I favor the joy of the read. Some stories are less satisfying than others. That's the nature of the beast. But, something happens inside when you read a really good book. It's characters, action, plot and theme haunts you long after you have placed the book back on the bookshelf.

If a book leaves you the same after you finish the last page, then you are no different for having read it. I would hope by reading a memorable book, I would reread it some day or share the book with a friend.

How do you feel after reading a book? Or should books change its reader?


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  1. Good question Sherry. I like a book I get lost in and don't notice the writing. As an example, THE BOOK THEIF, a book I posted about today on Facebook, was an amazing story and incredibly well written, but the language used was so impressive, I would come out of the story to read to marvel at the language. Does that make any sense. An editor in Nashville agreed with me. Still a great book I would recommend.