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Friday, May 6, 2011

"Fertilize Your Brain"

Like libraries, museums represent humankind's attempt to store knowledge and information and make them available to the public in an organized way. Some communities are fortunate enough to have museums designed primarily for children, and they often involve pleasurable experiences for little ones from infancy to ten years old. It has been learned that the most crucial period for learning occurs between birth and six years of age. Countless studies clearly establish that educational dollars spent to encourage learning by children at this early age are both productive and cost-effective. An excellent example is the Children's Museum of Portland, Oregon, which serves over ninety thousand vistors yearly. Not only do visits to this find facility produce obvious benefits immediately but they can establish in children the habit of visiting such cultural repositories. The earlier you introduce your children, son, daughters, nephews, nieces, grandchildren to the thrilling and informative exhibits that all museums feature, the better. And of course, you learn a few things yourself if you accompany them. (S. Allen)

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