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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Opposes War"

On Sundays, Walt Whitman dined with William O'Connor and his wife, Nelly. Nelly O'Connor often cooked roast beef, one of Walt's favorite meals. The conversation usually turned to the war after dinner, and it tended to grow heated. William O'Connor was still a confirmed abolitionist. He wanted an end to slavery regardless of the cost in human life.
Walt Whitman's experiences in the hospitals had led him to a different point of view. "My opinion is to stop the war now," he said. As he explained, wars were about nine hundred and ninety-nine parts diarrhea to one part glory: the people who like the wars should be compelled to fight the wars." More than once, the arguments grew so loud that the O'Connors' neighbors called the police. (C. Reef)

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