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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hopefully. Do you use this word? I never really thought about it much. But, after I read the following, I've given the word Hopefully more thought.

This once-useful adverb meaning 'with hope' has been distorted and is now widely used to mean "I hope" or "it is to be hoped." Such use is not merely wrong, it is silly. To say, Hopefully, I'll leave on the noon plane is to talk nonsense. Do you mean you'll leave on the noon plane in a hopeful frame of mind? Or do you mean you hope you'll leave on the noon plane? Which ever you mean, you haven't said it clearly. Although the word in its new, free-floating capacity may be pleasurable and even useful to many, it offends the ear of many others, who do not like to see words dulled or eroded, particularly when the erosion leads to nonsense. (Strunk & White)

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