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Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Why Do I Write?"

Have you ever asked yourself this question, "Why Do I Write?" Why do I spend hours upon hours, writing, researching, reading, editing, attending workshops, critique groups, querying agents and editors, blogging, tweeting, and face booking. Not to mention all the money I've spent on how to write books. The universe, only knows what else I've left out of this list.

I've thought about this a lot over the years. And maybe, just maybe, I have my answer.

Why am I on this roller coaster journey of writing? There's no promise of landing a super hero agent with my little darling being published. There's no promise of landing on the NY best seller list right under Dan Brown. There's no promise of making my book the next Harry Potter or Artemis Fowl Series. Hey, life offers no promise's. There's no perfect rose gardens, either. I write, because I have, too. That's who I am to the core. If I never land an agent, if I never make the NY list, that's okay (all though that would be lovely) I'll still call myself a writer. Why? Because I love the process. I love the art of storytelling. I love character development. I love creating something no one else has thought of before like my YA novel Hybrid.

Writing a damn good story takes a lot of study and hard work. I'm making a promise to myself today. I, Sherry White, promise to do the best I can, to write the right story for me. And write it like hell.

Why do you write? Is it a passion? Second job? Hobby? Or the quest for greatness?

Happy Writing,

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