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Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Four Paws"

"Dogs Burglary Gone Right'

Just before a recent prestigious dog show, four highly regarded show dogs were stolen from their handlers' van outside a motel. The local police got involved quickly but clues were hard to come by. The dogs' owners enlisted the help of the local press and media, who instantly obliged by posting photographs of the dogs and their owners' information on their websites. Even after this effort, still nothing. But, as with most dog stories that warm our souls, this one ended with a miracle. The thieves must have had a sudden change of heart, because all four dogs were suddenly returned. The dognappers are still at large, and their reasons for returning the dogs remain unknown. But one detail does strike a solid chord: Trace, a champion Akita in the group of thieved dogs, is valued at more than $250,00. (HealthyPet)

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